My Friend.



Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash.


If I could see myself

As someone else looking

From the outside in:

I would be her friend

& help her search within.

I would cradle her in my arms

& caress her hair until she falls asleep.

I would remind her

How special she is

& how His strength

Has made her lovely.

I’d say, “Darling, your life is only beginning,

& God already knows His plans for you inside and out.

Just be patient my sweet; trust in Him because He has it all figured out.

Your Father takes you by the hand,

& honestly, He loves you

more than you could ever


Then I’d kiss away the tears

That roll down her rosy cheeks,

& simply wipe them away

With a tender sweep.

I’d finally tuck her in, & bless her

With a good night of peace.


“Dream many dreams,

As sweet as can be.

For they are all yours

In Father God’s perfect timing.”

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