When God Speaks Audibly



Photo by Caleb Frith on Unsplash.


It happens the same way every time. I am least of any to deserve experiences such as these. I fall short of His glory every day and at times my faith falls weak. Sometimes I even stumble to believe, but His grace rises above what I think– even of myself. It’s interesting to me how the Ancient of Days, chooses how and when to speak. Who am I to probe His mind and tell Him how to be? Yet He is gentle, loving and good. He waits for me to come closer as He comes closer to me!

His audible silence to the human ear is never to be mistaken for His absence; His eyes examine the hearts and minds of all people alike. He knows the thoughts of the wicked and laughs at their plans, but He upholds the cause of the righteous, those who claim the name of His Son Jesus Christ.

He is God enthroned above, and I am but a small girl on earth below. Who am I that He should be mindful of me? Yet He hears the nights I cry out and withholds His wrath as He cradles me. I cherish the pages that were inspired by the Holy Spirit, and write those words on the tablets of my heart. I think to myself, “how perfect are each one of His thoughts”.

Then when I least expect it….

It happens the same way every time. While my eyes sleep, my consciousness awakes and my room becomes saturated with His peace. All darkness flees. The atmosphere clears and the heat of His arrival washes over me. He comes to me, opens my ears and then He speaks! Oh how sweet is the Voice of the One who loves me! He always comes to tell me great and unsearchable things I do not know. He comes to kiss the crown of my head as He lovingly reminds me of things once said,

“Don’t you know what I have planned for you? That’s right, you do. So just believe and wait for Me. Renew your mind; wait for Me to move.”

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