Finally Back in Costa Rica



Photo by me.

It all began on Sunday afternoon when we returned home from the powerful church service after my dad preached. The Lord used a brother from the church to warn me about the troubles that would be coming our way; I need to be careful while our stay in Costa Rica by being vigilant and sober minded to the rising attacks of the enemy. So I told my dad about this warning in the car ride on our way home, and he shared with me that it was a confirmation, because unknowingly the pastors of the church took him aside also and told him the same thing! To my relief, we both came to the mutual understanding that the Lord is in control of everything, and not a single weapon formed against us will prosper in Jesus’ name. To those of you who serve or served in the military, my dad half-jokingly told me, “you watch my six, and I’ll watch yours.” “No one dies in advised warfare”, especially when our victory is already at the cross in Jesus Christ! Jesus is Lord and he will turn around every plan of the enemy for our good. 🙂


The beginning of our troubles welcomed us as soon as we got home from church; we literally walked into a sauna! The air conditioner conveniently broke on the day before that we left for our trip, and more so convenient on the weekend! If we couldn’t contact the apartment’s maintenance before we left, we’d end up coming home to an oven at the end of our trip. Thank God we were able to talk to someone, and everything will be taken care of during the week. That day we really felt the Florida summer heat. We’re so spoiled with the AC, because we realized that in 84 degrees with the windows open is no joke! But this was our consolation: hell is hotter, hahaha!

On our way to the airport yesterday, we were delayed in traffic due to a nasty car accident on the turnpike, but the delay of the traffic actually saved our lives up ahead! As we were approaching the airport, we witnessed a scary car accident that happened just a few hundred yards in front of us. A scrap of metal from an eighteen wheeler was in the middle of the road and the car in front of us was going full speed. It seemed that the driver didn’t have enough time to slow down his car to evade the danger on the road, so he hit the breaks and swerved off to the shoulder of the road, hitting the rear of his car on a light post! The light post then fell into the middle of the road, and thanks to God the driver didn’t go into the post head first, and that the poll didn’t fall on his car, or ours, because we were right behind him! Thankfully the driver of his car came out safely with no scratches but he was, of course, a little shaken. Thanks to God as well that the traffic behind us delayed our distance further ahead; that accident could have been us, or worse!

Nevertheless, we actually made it to the airport on good time! The waiting didn’t go on forever and we actually enjoyed every moment of the process as our anticipation rose to mount the plane! I think my favorite part about traveling in an airplane is ascending and descending. The earth below looks so small, like an ant farm working efficiently. The clouds in comparison are majestic as they dress the sky in white robes of puffiness. Somehow, being so high in the sky, makes me feel like I’m closer to God (even though I know that’s not the case). It’s just like, I could look out and imagine Jesus and his angels walking on the clouds, and here I am, just a tiny human who needs a plane to reach an atmosphere of the heights of His heavens.

When the pilot announced that turbulence was up ahead, I began to brace myself. I don’t have fear of heights, but feeling the plane drop a few altitudes to stabilize itself isn’t the greatest feeling. So in that moment I took out my bible and turned to Psalm 72 and began to read, then I began to hum songs of praise to myself and I felt a blanket of peace cover me. Sleep took over my eyes as we passed through the turbulence, and the bible became my pillow on the pull down table from the seat in front of me. Later I woke up to the pilot announcing that we would be descending soon! You can’t begin to imagine our delight!


This is me.


Another two hour ride awaited us as we found my dad’s friend waiting for us outside of the airport! Ours was a warm family welcome as he lead us out to the car. And then we were off! I could probably say that by now, I know the route by heart. We rode with the windows down, to breathe in the fresh air that already began to cleanse our lungs. The blankets of green grass, and mountainous scenery was a welcome familiarity. It felt like home. As I looked out the window, watching people, buses and cars pass by, I could only think and wonder to myself what God has prepared for us in the days of our stay. To be honest with you, I have no desires to go back to Florida, but I won’t let the end of our trip steal my joy! Today God has blessed me with a wonderful portion of His grace as I sit across the room from my childhood best friend.

We have so many wonderful memories waiting to be made.

My only question is, “What will happen next?” ….

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