Only The Beginning


Still trying to process how much Jesus loves me. Still trying to process the things that He is beginning to bring to pass for me. Still trying to process that Jeremiah 29:11 is God’s plan for me and all I can do is cry. All I can do is stare at the beauty of God’s hands and thank Him for the grace given to me today, and ask Him to give me the strength and the courage of Joshua 1:9.

To live, and breathe is beautiful and I am thankful to share my tears with Him as I stare out into the mountains in the presence of His love. I am undeserving of such great blessings. All I can do is cry. We just arrived in Costa Rica a week ago, and I’m already beginning to see the beautiful promises that God has for my life personally, begin to unfold, and it’s overwhelming. I can’t go too deep in detail yet, but I can tell you that this feels all too surreal. I still can’t even believe that I’m here. I can’t believe that I’m part of the choir, and that I might be coming back sooner than what I expected. I can’t even begin to express to you in words how beautiful the presence of God fills this whole church when the whole congregation begins to worship the One True Living God! His embrace is tangible as He begins to crumble the hardened areas of my heart. It’s literally like a breeze of purity that flows through the whole building and it gently lifts up one’s hands in surrender.

Love. It’s pure love. His presence is love and it consumes my whole soul as I give Him all of me, and He gives me strength in return. I’m in love and this can’t be real. This can’t be real but it’s all too real. I’m still trying to process this; Jesus is so real. His tomb is empty, He’s alive, and He’s with me. He’s my groom and I’m His bride. I’m letting go of all of the distractions on the way to the alter as I run to His arms. I’m letting go of the past as He shows me that I have no more shame to suffer. I am His. He is mine, and in my life He will be glorified.

I’m so in awe of my God, and this is only the beginning of what He’s promised me! As the attacks of the enemy come my way to try to steal my joy, my hope, and my peace, the Holy Spirit will remind me that Jesus gave me life in abundance, and that He already overcame the world. Fear is an illusion that can’t stand up to the giant that is my God, because my Maker is my husband. No weapons formed against me shall prosper because the Lord Almighty is my righteousness and He fights for me.  It is finished. My life is complete at the cross.

Jesus, you are for me. What I can’t do, you can. I surrender my all to you.

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