Made for Love

I know of a young woman, who all her life chased the illusion of love. She always gave her heart away to the first boys who passed her by. Frogs disguised as princes, who could never offer her what her heart most desired. Yet she chased and chased and chased so many frogs, giving away the pieces of her heart to be recklessly broken again and again. You’d think she’d learn after a while, but she was just so thirsty for love… When she finally realized that love could be found in none other but the Prince of Peace, she still treated Him with caution; as if He too would break her heart like the impostors of her past. Every time He’d try to show her the love she desired, she ran away in the opposite direction, to impostors who disguised themselves in robes of light. She’d break her Prince’s heart each and every time she ran away, but He would allure her back in by consistently showing her that His love is true.

He gave her promises of a life worth living, a life of Worship, and of a prince for her made in His likeness. He showed her first that she needed cleansing, a new heart, and a new spirit. So He began to cleanse her with His Words of Life and Righteousness. He dressed her in robes of white, and crowned her head with flowers of Grace. He mended her broken soul, and filled her life with purpose, then He began to give His lovely thoughts and desires to be her own. He showed her her worth, and poured into her heart all the love she craved. He said to her, “you are Mine, my lovely bride, my betrothed. I am yours.”

She found herself embraced in a love like no other; a love she never knew. A love that can’t be found in mere mortals, but is found only in the One who formed her soul. A love so pure, a love so forgiving, so sweet, honest and sincere. A love that is selfless and is truly satisfying. This love chases away all the fears she ever knew. This love is like a light that swallows up the evils of the night and gives her heart certain hope of joyful days.

Today she is seeing the promises that her Prince of Peace spoke to her begin to manifest; promises of Worship and of the prince made for her in His likeness– that it breaks her heart to imagine that she ever thought that she could find love in anyone or anything but in the King of kings! But she realizes today that she was made for love. A love story worthy of the cross, a love story worthy of rings and to spend in the presence of her God for all eternity…

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