When God Keeps His Promises


On a late November night, last year, the Holy Spirit woke me up to tell me three things that I didn’t know God had planned for me. I want to share two of these three things with you as a testimony of how the Lord keeps His promises.

When the Holy Spirit asked me if I knew I was going to be a part of the choir and that they already had a robe prepared for me, I didn’t know what to say. It was a sudden advisory, but I knew in my heart that this was a wonderful promise that God planned for me. I also knew in my heart that it would probably come to pass in Costa Rica because this is where God has been directing the ministry of my family. Then I wondered who and where would supply my robe because they don’t have my measurements. I didn’t worry to much about it though because those were just minor details that I knew God had already figured out. If He decided to share that mystery with me, all I needed to do was wait for those promises to become alive.

After we arrived in Costa Rica, in June of last month, I was watching the praise and worship team’s rehearsal service. The Pastor’s wife noticed me off to the side and made a comment, then I replied saying, “I’d love to be up there with them…” She said, “Why don’t you talk to Pastor Kenneth to see if you can sing with them.” I took the suggestion to my dad and he shared with me that Pastor Fernando (the main pastor in charge of Worship) had other plans for me. So we spoke with him and he said he was going to gather some people together for the choir and that I could be a part of it if I wanted. My eyes twinkled as I excitedly remembered God’s promise and I began to wonder to myself if this could really be it?? Regardless, I showed up to the first choir rehearsal that Saturday.

We rehearsed every Saturday after that to prepare for the revival the church was going to have in Sucre, Costa Rica during the second week of July. Pastor Fernando found some white robes that were used for last year’s baptisms, and he also found some red sashes to hang over our shoulders for the event. The nine of us each found our own sizes, and nothing needed to be tailored. Thank God, because we were all men and women of various frames!

I’m so happy to say that when the day arrived, we all looked so elegant in our uniforms! I still remember putting my robe on for the first time and helping the other sisters in the restroom get ready. Then when the Pastor gathered all of us together for prayer it began to officially sink in that I was living out one of God’s promises for my life. Then the moment came when we stepped up onto the alter; I wasn’t nervous at all, but I felt prepared. My joy overflowed as I began to worship with the choir, and we all sang beautifully for God’s glory!

Sucre is an active site where a lot of witchcraft is practiced, but the glory of God fell down in that place as the whole church worshiped the King of kings in Spirit and in truth! As we began to lift up our hearts and voices in unison to our Lord Jesus, many people began to pour in from the streets as we sang together. There were many miracles in that place as people gave their hearts to Jesus, others were healed of addiction, and everyone was caught up in the presence of God! The only word that I can use to describe the experience is beautiful…

So on July 11, 2015 God kept His promise when He told me that I was going to be in the choir, and that He already had a robe prepared for me. I’m humbled and grateful to Jesus Christ by the way He’s abundantly blessed me so far, and to be able to share the blessings of my life with my brothers and sisters in Christ is a blessing in itself.

This experience has taught me that we all work together to use our talents to bring glory and honor to the One who only deserves it: Jesus. And that God ALWAYS keeps His promises, no matter how big or little they may seem. I thank you Jesus for your great love, and for this beautiful life that you’re giving me. My life is but a vapor before you, and my years are as nothing in your eyes. My future is in your hands, as you have my days counted. I thank you Lord for pouring out your grace over me, and I ask you to fill me with contentment as I continue to seek your face. Your love is all I need Lord; may my life be a living and pleasing worship to you for as long as I live. I love you Jesus!

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